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The Welch Regiment Chapel

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The David Chapel


The Chapel of Saint David, the Regimental Chapel of the Welch Regiment was designed by George Pace, The building and all within is the gift of the Welch Regiment and Allied Regiments of Canada and Australia, gifts from these countries comprise two very finely worked Lecterns embossed with Regimental motifs.

The Chapel was dedicated on 22nd September 1956 in Honour of Saint David and in the memory of all those fallen in war. Saint David if one reads the Old Testament was also a soldier and at times a mercenary, his history is in the Bible.

On the stones of the East Wall of the Chapel are engraved the many battle honours of the Regiment from 1782, to its amalgamation with the south Wales borderers on June 11th 1969 thereby forming the Royal Regiment of Wales, the chapel with all its narrow windows and lobed plaster vault conveys a sense of calm and peace, at odds with the Battle honours Waterloo, Alma, Battles of the Boer Wars, Flanders and the Somme.

The Chapel is by far the quietest part of the Cathedral, a sense of peace prevails, brass tablets on the floor and Pew ends commemorate officers of the Regiment, the pew ends are also carved with the Battalions insignia, all welsh Battalions are honoured, the kneelers are embroidered with the Prince of Wales Feathers, a labour of love by kind ladies of the Cathedral.



Ian (Jim) Williams served with the 1st Battalion Welch Regiment in Korea, 'A' Company, 4Pln. Ian has a great interest in regimental history and heraldry of the Colours, he now lives in retirement in his South Wales Valley, he also has a small caravan at Llandovery which he says makes life a lot easier when attending at Lampeter University, Ceredigion.

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Above are the last Colours of the 1st Battalion Welch Regiment, which are laid up in the Chapel of Saint David's, Llandaff Cathedral, many years ago permission was granted by the then Dean of Llandaff the right Reverend John Rogers to lower the Colours, to photograph, list and collate their histories.

A full history of the Welch Regiment is available, from the forming of the 'Invalid's' to 1923, also Roles of Honour of all those that fell in conflicts. should anyone want to make enquiries regarding the History of the Regiment or the Colours or heraldry of the colours, they will be welcomed. At the moment a book is being written which concerns the Colours of the 41st of Foot, instituted in 1868, which is the oldest Colour laid up in Llandaff Cathedral, these particular Colours were carried during the American and Canadian wars of Independence, the history will be made freely available.I

If anyone with an interest in the Regiment would like to ask Ian questions regarding all the Colours at the Cathedral he would be pleased to respond. He has a list there of all of them at the Cathedral, the oldest Colour at the Cathedral is the 41st of Foot, American and Canadian Wars of Independence, he is hoping to put a booklet together of the colours and histories of the different Regiments whose Colours are laid up in the Cathedral, he describes some of them are truly beautiful. It distresses Ian that the RRW Memorial Book has been vandalized on a couple of occasions, because the cabinet that houses the book is open it is vulnerable to misuse, but  he is hoping to get the locks to it replaced.

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Roles of Honour, 1914-18  in the Cabinet on the left, 1939 -14 in the Cabinet on the right, Korean Role of honour in the middle.

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This is a copy of a tribute left at the Cathedral by a grateful Korean Visitor, Permission was granted by the Dean of Llandaff to scan and made available to the various Veterans Associations, the tribute was under the Korean Memorial, it will be published in the next Journal of the Royal Regiment of Wales, (the 24th/41st of Foot).

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