Neville Williams

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This remarkable story begins with the author as a young National Serviceman in 1951, walking through the gates at the Welch Brigade Training Centre, Brecon,

and ends when he walked back into Civvy Street in 1953. Between these dates he went through many life-changing

experiences, in particular the twelve months he spent with the 1st Btn. Welch Regiment in Korea. He tells his story of the almost forgotten war in graphic detail.

Temperatures could drop to   minus 45 degrees with biting wind Siberian snow-laden winds. In the spring came the monsoons followed by a mosquito-laden period.

As a Lance Corporal infantry signaller, the author was involved in all levels of operational and company activity and he gives the reader a real insight into the

events and circumstances of war and the thoughts of a young man caught up in a desperate and dangerous conflict.

The tenacity and spirit of young National Servicemen and their regular partners, shines through as they face life-threatening and exhausting situations and conditions.

Neville Williams was born in 1930 and left school aged 1 5 having been head boy. After completing an engineering apprenticeship he was conscripted into the

Welch Regiment as described in this book. He has had a successful career in industry and, now retired, lives in Chester.

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